Boycott Norway – Stop Child Trafficking!

Norway is stealing children from normal parents. Screengrab,

The Norwegian welfare services or child protective services (barnevernet) takes involuntary custody of double the amount of children than other comparable countries. In Norway, this immoral practice is a business with several millionaires. The results of this illegal child trafficking practices are devastating.

Each year over 100 children under the care of barnevernet commits suicide, this is about 5 times the national average. This is totally unacceptable. It has to stop.

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The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has issued 37 decisions in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) against Norway since 2018, where violations have been established.

This is many times more than any other country in all of Europe, adjusted for population. This has sparked widespread debate amongst researchers and human rights activists on social media and even government controlled media in Norway.

Since barnevernet is also kidnapping children from other countries, this debate has reached international levels resulting in global media coverage in most major media organizations around the world and several diplomatic crisis between Norway and other countires.

Even books and movies has been produced about this shocking subject, like high rated book Stolen Childhood: The truth about Norway’s child welfare system (Amazon) and the Indian award winning movie Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway (Netflix), where some of these grotesque human rights violations are exposed.

Obviously, many human rights activists and human rights organizations are up in arms over this terrible and unsustainable injustice.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is the leading United Nations entity in the field of human rights, and has in a recent report concluded that barnevernet in Norway also is discriminating against minorities by targeting their children, taking them into custody and traumatizing them.

Even the Norwegian human rights organization controlled by the Norwegian authorities itself, the Norwegian Human Rights Institution, asked the obvious question: “Why Does the ECtHR Find Human Rights Violations in Cases Concerning the Norwegian Child Welfare Services?”

The answer is simple. Norway is a serial violator of human rights. It’s a business.

In actual fact, the ECtHR has legally classified Norway as a serial human rights offender! To put it all bluntly: Norway cannot be allowed to kill over 100 of its own and other states children through the torment of child trafficking each year any more. It has to stop. And with your help, it will.

Boycott Norway to stop child trafficking

We are calling on human rights organizations, political parties, diplomats, businesses, politicians and the international community as a whole to rise up for a boycott and an international trade embargo on Norwegian goods like oil, fish and services as well as other economic and political sanctions.

Do your part. Boycott Norway to stop child trafficking!

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